Our Trade

Injection of Thermoplastic materials and Elastomers
Moulding for every kind of Business lines
Traditional and Bi-material Injection
700 Tons of raw material transformed every year, except rigid PVC
300 references applied to projects and productions studies

Finishings, decorations, marking
Subsets assembly
Ultrasonic welding
Customised packaging and packing

Multimaterial overmoulding process
Pastic over plastic
Pastic over metal inserts
Plastic over rolling
Over any standard and specific insert

Study and manufacturing of injection moulds
Integrated conception and realisation
Expertise and rehabilitation of your moulds transfered in our plant
Preventive and curative maintenance in our workshop

Internal management of every step related to the complete development of your product
Advice and support on the plastic part conception
Advice and help on the conception of the 2D drawings and 3D files