Situated in the French region Auvergne – Rhône Alpes, Manuthiers specializes since 1958 in serial production of injected plastic parts and the manufacturing of injection moulds.

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Our Research and Development Department supports you in the conception of your projects, from 2D and 3D drawings and in compliance with your requirements specification. A rheological study would be made before launching your product.

We have a mechanical workshop internally for the conception, the manufacturing and the maintenance of the moulds. Manuthiers realises or outsources, in Europe and in Asia, moulds for every line of business. The moulds are stocked in a secure and firebreak warehouse.

We manage the injection and the bi-injectionprocess, as well as the over-moulding of all kind of insert. We produce parts from 1g to 1 500g, complex or aesthetic parts, in medium or high mass production.

Thanks to the skills of our Industrialisation Department, we can develop several kind of automated process (3 to 6 axis numerical robots, automated assembly straight out of the moulding machine).

Manuthiers has the ISO 9001 certification. Our Metrological Department ensures the parts control with measurement using sensors and camera in an air-conditioned room.

Internally or with our local partners, we can answer your needs in serigraphy, tampography, marking, assembly, bagging, packaging.

Our goods are delivered in France, Europe and Worldwide.

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Success for Manuthiers at MSV in Brno

From 7 to 11 October, we were present for the first time at the International Mechanical Construction fair (MSV) in Czech Republic. A look back on this successful trip for Manuthiers.

Before participating in this major international fair, we had the very specific objective of introducing our know-how to the players in the Czech market. Our hopes have been fulfilled!

A warm welcome in Czech Republic

When we arrived in the Czech Republic, we were first struck by the beauty of this country and the very friendly welcome we received there. A good feeling to succeed in establishing advantageous contacts during the MSV fair. Well accompanied and perfectly guided by our local representative, we quickly made our mark for our first exhibition in an international fair.

Interesting contacts in Czech market

During these 5 days, we were able to approach many potential customers in Czech industrial market. So we were right, the Czech Republic can really open up very good prospects for our international development. Our know-how was largely appreciated and we established very promising contacts. The coming months will therefore be crucial. We must now transform the test by adapting Manuthiers’ offer to the Czech market in order to convince them to trust us completely.

An experience to be renewed

Comparable to the Global Industrie in Paris, the MSV in Brno is the most important industrial exhibition in Central Europe and has proved particularly interesting for us. To maintain our new links with the Czech market, it is very likely that we will renew our participation in this exhibition in 2020.

October 2019 - MSV Fair in Czech Republic