Situated in the French region Auvergne – Rhône Alpes, Manuthiers specializes since 1958 in serial production of injected plastic parts and the manufacturing of injection moulds.

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Our Research and Development Department supports you in the conception of your projects, from 2D and 3D drawings and in compliance with your requirements specification. A rheological study would be made before launching your product.

We have a mechanical workshop internally for the conception, the manufacturing and the maintenance of the moulds. Manuthiers realises or outsources, in Europe and in Asia, moulds for every line of business. The moulds are stocked in a secure and firebreak warehouse.

We manage the injection and the bi-injectionprocess, as well as the over-moulding of all kind of insert. We produce parts from 1g to 1 500g, complex or aesthetic parts, in medium or high mass production.

Thanks to the skills of our Industrialisation Department, we can develop several kind of automated process (3 to 6 axis numerical robots, automated assembly straight out of the moulding machine).

Manuthiers has the ISO 9001 certification. Our Metrological Department ensures the parts control with measurement using sensors and camera in an air-conditioned room.

Internally or with our local partners, we can answer your needs in serigraphy, tampography, marking, assembly, bagging, packaging.

Our goods are delivered in France, Europe and Worldwide.

Manuthiers is...



The robotization of our production system is evolving


The year 2020 begins with some fine technical developments for Manuthiers, which has just integrated four robotic cells in order to improve its production system and become more competitive.


Manuthiers is constantly developing its production system to meet the demands of its customers as effectively as possible. With this in mind, we have decided to develop robotic stations in 2019, designed and implemented internally by our team within the industrialization department. Four first fully automated cells are now ready to join our production system. They combine 3- and 6-axis digital robots. This automation will allow us to limit the need of labour for tasks like loading and unloading of parts or inserts to be overmoulded.


The « Made in France » as competitive as low-cost countries

This new technology is a real asset to become as competitive as countries where labour costs are much lower than in France. These robotic cells are today one of the levers on which we are betting in the hope of preserving the “made in France“.

Increased competitiveness that will allow Manuthiers to respond favourably to large-volume production demands. Important quantities where the share of labour must absolutely be minimized, in order to offer solutions at acceptable prices for these future customers. In 2020, we plan to integrate more robotic cells in addition to the four already installed and continue to refine our production system.

January 2020 - Robotic cell